Homemade Applesauce


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I’ve told you before that I love fall food. So far, this has been evidenced with my many pumpkin recipes (bread, cupcakes), but I ALSO love things with apples! One of my favorite, super easy fall (or anytime) recipes is homemade applesauce. It is SO much better than store bought, especially when served warm!

Homemade Applesauce Close-Up by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Stuff You’ll Need:

  • Apples (I used 5 large apples, which yielded about 3½ cups of sauce, but you can easily adjust according to how much you want. I will say that it keeps well, and thaws well after being frozen!)
  • Cinnamon

Apples by My Life as a Trophy Wife


Start by peeling and chopping up your apples. I used my nifty apple-peeler-corer-slicer, one of our fabulous wedding registry gifts.

Apple Peeler Corer Slicer by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Peeled, sliced, cored apple by My Life as a Trophy Wife

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Sundays are for Sweatpants


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I’ve never liked Sundays. Something about them makes me feel hazy, like I’m moving in slow motion. They seem to be a day filled with inactivity and dreading the fact that the next day is Monday, which means back to school, work, or other real-life obligations.

My Sundays usually start with church. I have been a Christian as long as I can remember, and I grew up going to church. I adore the church I grew up in (and where I got married!), and I also adore the church that I found while in college. In both places, I cultivated a “church family” that was there to love and welcome me each Sunday, which significantly alleviated my Sunday sadness.

The fact that I am still “church shopping” in Seattle certainly amplifies my negative feelings about Sundays, but even when I was in Michigan Sundays brought me down. Part of the issue is the timing of church: services tend to be either in the morning or the evening. Morning services make me a little grumpy because it’s the weekend, and I really just want to sleep in. Sunday evening services, however, aren’t any better because they tend to either get in the way of dinner time or are before dinner, which effectively ends my day around 4pm, and the last thing I need on a Sunday is to feel like my weekend is over that early.

I really am an extrovert. All I want of my Sundays, and everyday for that matter, is to be around people I love. This is currently especially hard given that most of the people I know are 2-3 time zones away, but even when I was in Michigan I didn’t get to enjoy the company of my loved ones for long because everyone is busy on Sundays. They are doing homework, grocery shopping, cleaning up the house, or in some other way preparing for the next week. And now that I’m married to a football-lover, there is a whole other Sunday obligation that I hate more than all the others.

I could probably rant about football for pages on end (and someday, I may), but I will contain myself to a short paragraph. Because we are on Pacific Time, football starts here at 10am, so even convincing Andrew to go to church is exhausting. Then, when we get back, he has to catch up, and then games are on for THE REST OF THE DAY! There is no hope of doing anything until they are over, and by that time everything is closed, because it is a Sunday. So much for getting out of the house AT ALL on any Sunday for half the year.

Watching football is fun and restful for my husband, so I try not to rob him of that (even though football robs me of him ½ the days he isn’t working). And I understand that everyone has obligations on Sundays, including me. But by the time Sunday night rolls around, I can’t help but feel like ½ my weekend was wasted because I was too busy worrying about the week ahead.

Brown Bag Cafe–Brunch Challenge Contender 1


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Last Saturday Andrew and I headed out to the Brown Bag Café in Kirkland, our first venue for the Best Quest Brunch Challenge (read more about Best Quest). We found it on good ole’ Yelp, where it had a 4.5 star rating, which we figured was good enough to try!

So here is the category breakdown:

Quality of pancakes/french toast/waffles (and perhaps other breakfast foods that fit in this “sweet” category): Andrew and I both ordered the cinnamon roll french toast, which both sounded and looked delicious. Unfortunately, the taste didn’t quite live up. It certainly wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. A little dry. We didn’t get a chance to try to pancakes or regular french toast, but they didn’t even have waffles…which is practically a deal-breaker for us since Belgian waffles are Andrew’s favorite brunch dish.

Cinnamon Roll French Toast at Brown Bag Cafe by My Life as a Trophy Wife

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Seattle Restaurant Week


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This is a very exciting week: Seattle Restaurant Week!

I’ve actually known about this for a while, but for some silly reason it only JUST occurred to me this morning to post about it! I’m sorry, I’ll try to be more on top of things. 😉

Andrew and I LOVE restaurant week! Wherever we may be, we always check when the next one occurs. It is such an awesome way to try new (and usually pricy) restaurants for a reasonable price!

The dates: October 14-18 (whoops…go out tonight!) AND October 21-25 (you have more time to prepare for that one)

The way it works: There is this huge list of restaurants in King county that offer a 3 course prix fixe menu for lunch ($15) and/or dinner ($28). Drinks are not usually included, and the offerings and menus vary by restaurant. If you click on the links from the above list, you’ll see what’s up.

While living in Chapel Hill, Andrew and I discovered the excellent deal available at Ruth’s Chris during Restaurant Week, so that has become a bit of a tradition. Unfortunately, I was dismayed to see that Ruth’s Chris wasn’t on the Seattle list! I may have to give them a ring to see if that is really true… You see, just the filet mignon there usually costs around $25-30…but during restaurant week, you can get that (there are also other options), plus a side, plus a salad, plus dessert…for just $28!! It is amazing.

That being said, Andrew is absolutely the target market for restaurant week. He goes in because it could be cheaper, but ends up deciding everything he wants is not on the prix fixe menu, and being a very expensive boy after all. Alas, at least we have fun!

I’ll keep you posted on where we try. Are you going to be trying anywhere new this Restaurant Week? Or, any favorites with a particularly good deal?

Best Quest Challenge #2: Brunch



Andrew and I LOVE brunch. I adore breakfast food, and to me, brunch is just breakfast but later in the day*. Talk about perfect.

Anyways, so we love going out to brunch on the weekend and are constantly trying to find the best places for brunch. While I went to UofM we became ADDICTED to Angelos, which clearly has the best brunch in the world and set our standards very high. We have yet to find another place as delicious elsewhere, but we have only just begun to embark upon the search in Seattle! So here it is:

The Challenge: Find the best all-around place for brunch in the Seattle area

The Criteria (in order of importance):

  1. Quality of pancakes/french toast/waffles (and perhaps other breakfast foods that fit in this “sweet” category)
  2. Quality of egg dishes
  3. Quality of breakfast meats (Andrew and I love us some bacon, so this will probably be based on the bacon. Sorry, sausage lovers!)
  4. Quality of coffee (and other breakfast beverages)
  5. Quality of other sides (hashbrowns, toast, etc.)
  6. Cost/value
  7. Atmosphere and service

The Venues:

  1. Brown Bag Cafe in Kirkland (10/13/12)
  2. ?? Where else should we try?!

Did we miss anything in our criteria? Are there brunch places we should be sure to try? Leave me a comment to let me know!

*I don’t believe there is specific “brunch” food that is unique to brunch and not part of breakfast. I also feel very strongly that lunch food should not make an appearance. The “unch” in brunch refers to the time of day, not the incorporation of food from the most mediocre meal of the day. It you wouldn’t eat it for breakfast, it shouldn’t be part of brunch. So please don’t ask me if I want any slow-roasted buffalo with my pancakes…because I do not.