Best Quest

Guys and gals, this is perhaps what I am MOST excited about blogging!

Andrew and I are on a quest to find the best…everything! But, we’re starting with food in the greater Seattle area. This is how it works:

We pick a specific kind of food, say pizza, and we decide upon the categories that would determine the quality of a given pizza. Then we do our research, you give us suggestions, and we pick a few places that seem like they have a chance at having the BEST pizza in Seattle. As we visit each of those places, I will review them and rate them from 1 (★☆☆☆☆) to 5 (★★★★★).

For each challenge (meaning type of food), there will be two scores: the Popular Vote and the Matrix Score. The Popular Vote will be determined by whichever restaurant received the most stars, while the Matrix Score will be determined by the restaurant’s rating in a decision matrix. A decision matrix is a super organized, mathematical, and less subjective way to come to a conclusion. An example of one is below:

Pizza Venue #1 Venue #2 Venue #3 Venue #4

The matrix will not be filled out until we have determined we have visited an adequate number of venues, because to fill it out the venues must be rated against each other. Each restaurant is rated from best to worst in each category, with the BEST having the HIGHEST rating (so with 4 venues, the one with the best crust will receive a 4 in the crust category, and the one with the worst crust will receive a 1). The categories are listed in order of most important to least important, so being the best in the top category gives a restaurant more points than being best in the lowest category. The results are then tallied, and the restaurant with the highest score wins the matrix score category. It may sound confusing now, but I promise it will make sense after the first time we do it!

The final post of the challenge will include a summary of each restaurant we visited, the full decision matrix, and then the winning popular vote restaurant and winning matrix restaurant, which may or may not be the same place.

As of right now, we don’t have a timeline within which to complete each category. After all, eating out DOES cost money, so we can only do it as we can afford…but we don’t usually let that stop us. And don’t worry, when I’m not eating out, I’ll be posting awesome recipes to try at home!

To make this quest truly the best, I need your help! Please leave comments on this page for which categories we should do, and comment on each challenge as to which restaurants you think we should visit. Together, we’ll find the best this city has to offer.

Interested in holding your own Best Quest in a different town and doing some guest posts? Think your restaurant is worthy in some category and want us to check it out? Shoot me an email at mylifeasatrophywife(at) and we’ll talk.

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