About This Site

Let me start with one important fact: the name of this sight is meant to be funny and sarcastic and convey that I will be blogging to you about filling my days with hobbies, much as a trophy wife would. You can expect this sarcasm to be present throughout this site.

How This Site Was Named

When I met my friend Christina at the University of Michigan we quickly bonded over the idea that we were at school to get our “MRS” degree. This was all very tongue in cheek because we were both driven young ladies looking to get a degree from the number one public university in the US (thanks business insider), but we were also single and on the prowl for eligible bachelors who were going somewhere with their lives. By which I mean we liked to study in the law library.

I actually never saw myself as someone who could not work. I was good at school (notice I say “at” instead of “in”…more on that later), and saw myself becoming a successful businesswoman (I’m not saying that isn’t still in the cards…). It wasn’t until later in college, after I had met Andrew and he had chosen a very financially responsible career, and when I still wasn’t quite sure where I wanted my career to take me, that I really considered it. For about a minute.

When you tell people that you don’t know what you want to do when you “grow up,” their follow up question tends to be something along the lines of, “well, what do you like to do?” as if our hobbies naturally translate to a career. Whelp, first of all, I didn’t have many hobbies throughout school because I was usually working on school. In high school I took voice lessons and was involved with the drama program, which I LOVED, but I was never good enough to make that a career. I would state my other hobbies as follows: shopping, playing games, crafts, traveling, talking to friends, and maybe watching movies/TV. If you can think of a career that combines any of these things, get at me.

Around the same time Andrew and I were talking about where my career may take me, Andrew also started making jokes about me becoming his trophy wife, which I wholeheartedly participate in and appreciate (see why I don’t find this offensive below), though which will pretty much never be the case.

Fast forward to this period of unemployment after relocating to Seattle when I began seriously tossing around the idea of starting a blog. I sat down one day and started brainstorming some topics of blogs that I followed, things that interested me, and things I thought I could write about, and the idea for this very blog was born. But, alas, I needed a title. I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be so humanized as to be called by my full name, nor did I want it tied to a location. Most of all, I wanted it to be catchy. One day, while driving to IKEA, I took advantage of having Andrew trapped in the car to force him to brainstorm with me. After going through the list of topics I wanted to cover, he chuckled and said, “Can I tell you what this sounds like to me?” “Yes…” I said hesitantly. “I think you should call it ‘My Life as a Trophy Wife!’” he exclaimed.

He was joking a little, but I loved it! I think it is catchy, hilarious, a little sarcastic, and absolutely perfect. As soon as he recognized my glee, he was on board 100%, and this blog was born.

A Note On The Term “Trophy Wife”

Let me start by saying that I was a Women’s Studies major at the amazing University of Michigan, and I am, in most regards, a feminist. I understand that to many people the term “trophy wife” has a negative connotation; so you’re thinking, “this girl married her husband for money,” or some such thing. Without passing judgment on trophy wives of that definition, let me just say that when I met Andrew he had $3 in his bank account.  Since then, Andrew got his Masters and now has a very bright financial future, so it is very possible that someday we will have enough money that I wouldn’t have to work (though I like working, so I probably still would). Regardless, money will never be what ties to me Andrew—I am madly in love with him, and that is why I will spend my life with him.

Also, when Andrew jokes with me about being his trophy wife, he is saying that I am too pretty for him. While annoyingly self-deprecating, it’s meant as a compliment, and not at all demeaning. When I use the term, it is usually meant sarcastically.

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