Andrew and I LOVE brunch. I adore breakfast food, and to me, brunch is just breakfast but later in the day*. Talk about perfect.

Anyways, so we love going out to brunch on the weekend and are constantly trying to find the best places for brunch. While I went to UofM we became ADDICTED to Angelos, which clearly has the best brunch in the world and set our standards very high. We have yet to find another place as delicious elsewhere, but we have only just begun to embark upon the search in Seattle! So here it is:

The Challenge: Find the best all-around place for brunch in the Seattle area

The Criteria (in order of importance):

  1. Quality of pancakes/french toast/waffles (and perhaps other breakfast foods that fit in this “sweet” category)
  2. Quality of egg dishes
  3. Quality of breakfast meats (Andrew and I love us some bacon, so this will probably be based on the bacon. Sorry, sausage lovers!)
  4. Quality of coffee (and other breakfast beverages)
  5. Quality of other sides (hashbrowns, toast, etc.)
  6. Cost/value
  7. Atmosphere and service

The Venues:

  1. Brown Bag Cafe in Kirkland (10/13/12)
  2. ?? Where else should we try?!

Did we miss anything in our criteria? Are there brunch places we should be sure to try? Leave me a comment to let me know!

*I don’t believe there is specific “brunch” food that is unique to brunch and not part of breakfast. I also feel very strongly that lunch food should not make an appearance. The “unch” in brunch refers to the time of day, not the incorporation of food from the most mediocre meal of the day. It you wouldn’t eat it for breakfast, it shouldn’t be part of brunch. So please don’t ask me if I want any slow-roasted buffalo with my pancakes…because I do not.