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I really enjoy scrapbooking. More than that, I really love looking at scrapbooks, but to do that, I feel required to make them first. I know that scrapbooking is a really specific kind of crafting, but every once and a while I hope to be sharing some of my latest pages with you.

My current project has been creating a cover and divider pages for my FAVORITE cook book, Deboolah’s Delectable Dishes. All of my best recipes come from DDD (like Turtle Bars), which was a gift from my Mom to my sisters and I. She put all of her favorite recipes into a binder, and I thought it was time it looked as good as all of the stuff inside tasted (impossible! But I’ll do my best).

Unfortunately, Andrew and I don’t have a scanner yet, so we’ll have to make do with my photos of the pages.

Cover of Deboolah's Delectable Dishes


Appetizers Divider for Deboolah's Delectable Dishes

Appetizers Divider

I believe that when it comes to scrapbooking, all you really need is the visual inspiration, because everyone will go forth with the design a little bit differently. If you do want some additional instruction, or have a question on how I did a specific part, feel free to get at me in the comments.

I have been using my FABULOUS Silhouette Cameo to help me make all of the shapes and whatnot, which makes this a much faster process, but scrapbooking still takes me longer than the average blog post craft. It would be much more impressive if I had more to show you, but I’ll keep you updated as I work on more pages. My next divider is…Breads and Muffins! Speaking of which, I’ve got a GREAT pumpkin bread recipe that will be headed your way pretty soon…