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I think we can all agree that cake pops are adorable. I mean, first of all, they’re miniature which makes everything cuter. But then they are always so nicely decorated! Anyways, I wanted to make some darling Halloween cake pops, and I think they turned out pretty well!


In my opinion, cake pops are really more about presentation, so I didn’t do anything from scratch on this one. I used a store cake mix and store frosting, and they still turned out delicious!

  • Cake mix + ingredients necessary to make the cake
  • 1 can of frosting
  • Candy coating (I used Wilton Candy Melts, which can be found at any craft store–you can either buy them in black, white, and orange, or just buy white and candy coloring)
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Floral foam
  • 1 box Mike & Ikes
  • Chocolate chips
  • 1 tube black decorating frosting
  • Decorating tip with VERY narrow opening


Start by making your cake as instructed on the box. I used a Betty Crocker German Chocolate Cake mix because I already had it. You can make it in any pan(s) you want, but I just used a simple 9×13. Once cooked, let your cake cool. I actually let mine cool overnight just to make sure.

Next, crumble up your cake. The easiest way to do this is to take two pieces and just rub them against each other, letting the crumbs fall into your bowl. Break up any chunks or large pieces with your fingers or a fork.

Add frosting. Start by adding ½ a can (for all of the cake made by the mix) and add more as needed. You want it to be moist enough that the cake will stick together, but not too moist or it will fall apart. If you do end up adding too much frosting, just add more cake to balance–you can easily buy some store cupcakes and crumble up the parts without the frosting.

Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and start forming your cake shapes. The cats and pumpkins used cake balls, while for the ghosts I used more of a bell shape. Just roll the balls in your hands, and then for the ghosts shape them into a bell as you set them onto the cookie sheet.

After you’ve used all of your cake, place the cookie sheet in the fridge for at least an hour. If you’re anxious to get going, put some in the freezer for 15 minute. You wants the balls to be chilled, but not frozen.

Once your cake is chilled, pick which design to start with. I started with pumpkins, so I melted the orange candy melts in the microwave. Use a microwave-safe bowl/cup that is deep enough to completely submerge your cake balls. Put them in for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until they are completely melted. For some reason mine were still a little thick this time, so I also added some shortening (NOT water) to thin them out a bit, which helps with dipping.

Take out only a few cake balls at a time. You want to keep the majority of them chilling in the fridge. If you notice your cake pops falling off the stick or falling apart, they may need to be chilled more.

Cover about ½ an inch of a cake pop stick with the candy coating, then penetrate one of the cake balls about ½ way through.

In one fluid motion, dip the cake ball into the candy coating, then take it out and gently tap off any excess. You can also use a toothpick to minimize any drips. Place cake pop stick into floral foam to hold it up while drying.

While the coating is still wet, stick a green Mike & Ike into the top of each orange ball.

Now you have a pumpkin! Let coating dry completely. To make into a jack-o-lantern, use the black decorating frosting and your tiny tip to draw on any face you want.

Next, I made the black cat. Using black candy melts now, follow the same steps as with the pumpkins until you have covered your cake ball. While the coating is still wet, add two chocolate chips for ears, 2 slices of yellow Mike & Ike for eyes, and the tip of a red Mike & Ike for a nose (I had to hold the nose in place for a little bit while the coating dried so it wouldn’t droop). Let coating dry completely and then use black decorating frosting and your tiny tip to add black vertical lines on the yellow eyes and a little lip beneath the nose.

I saved the ghosts for last, though they’re actually the easiest. And, if you’re dying the candy melts I would start with these…because then you can use the excess white, add more chips, then dye it.

Follow the same procedure in dipping the cake balls, but this time use the bell shapes you created. You may need to use the toothpick to get the drips off the large bottom of the bell.

Let the coating dry completely, then use the black frosting and tiny tip to add eyes and mouths.

When actually doing this, I did all of the dipping for all of the creations first, so that by the time I finished dipping the ghosts the pumpkins were dry. Once they have been dipped, putting the cake pops in the fridge will make them dry faster, but they no longer need to be refrigerated to stay together.

While the cake pops were drying, I went over to the Target dollar section and found a cute little Frankenstein box/bag container. I cut some floral foam to fit inside and arranged the cake pops how I wanted them. Finally, I spread out some cotton balls to cover the floral foam.

I took these to the airport to pick up my hubby last Friday, and they were a hit! I actually had more than one person ask me where I had bought the little set–sounds like a business opportunity to me!

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