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I’m pretty pumped about my latest artistic creation. I’m not AT ALL an artist, but this project was so easy that even I could do it!

A few weeks ago Andrew and I were at Ben Franklin and found a fantastic 22×28 canvas 60% off! Obviously we bought it, along with some paint to match our current room furniture.

I later received this Crate and Barrel magazine, and was inspired by the table cloth on the front. I decided to make a similar version on my canvas, but in shades of green!


  • Canvas
  • Paint in chosen colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Circle foam brushes
  • Foam roller


I started by painting my canvas cream, so it looked a little warmer and less stark. I used my little foam roller and did two coats to make it look even.

Next, paint some branches. I just free handed these until they looked good. The brush on the far left in my picture above worked best because it gave the branches a more rustic texture. Let dry.

Then, using my cream and 2 bottles of green paint, I mixed myself 4 shades of green.

I then used 2 sizes of circle foam brushes to blot green circles all over my tree/branches. I dipped them in one color and stamped them all over, then moved to the next color without washing them. This gave me even more shades of green on the canvas. I just kept stamping until I thought it looked green enough.

That’s it! It was super easy and only took me about an hour, not including drying time. I can’t wait for Andrew to get home so we can find it a happy home in our bedroom!