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I found this great 3-D cardboard letter whilst wandering around JoAnns and I was on a quest to find something to do with it. I had some left over leaves from my fall garland…and I ended up with this:


  • Fabric leaves
  • 3-D letter
  • Hot glue & hot glue gun


I started by thinking I could mod podge the leaves to the letter, but that was silly because it took too long to dry. I soon switched to hot glue, which was much more effective.

The one thing you have to be careful of, however, is not letting the hot glue soak through the fabric leaves and leave spots. I did as much of the gluing on the back as possible to avoid getting any spots on the front. When I had to glue on the front, I solved the problem by applying the hot glue directly to the letter and letting it cool a little bit (until it is more like warm glue) and then sticking the leaves on.

I just placed the leaves where I wanted them, then used small bits of glue to secure them. I tried to leave some of the ends loose so I could overlap them over/tuck them under other leaves. Here is what it looked like about half way through:

I continued placing and gluing until I had covered every spot of the cardboard except for the back.

My letter still had the little plastic hangy thing from the store on it, so then I just strung some ribbon through that to hang it. I used the same green ribbon from my pumpkin book.

Now I’m just waiting to install a hook on our door so I can put the G in its final resting place. I was thinking it would look especially cute in the middle of a wreath!

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