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I am SUPER excited about my new DIY fall decor: this super cute pumpkin I made out of a $1 paperback book!

Things you’ll need:

  • Paperback book (I chose a thriller to make it more Halloween-y. Tehe)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Orange spray paint
  • Stick/branch/wood chip (for the stem)
  • Green ribbon


Start by making a stencil to use to cut the book. This actually took me a really long time because I kept drawing and redrawing…so here is one you can use! Just save the image, then resize it to your specifications, print, and cut!

You really only need half of it, but this way you can see how the shape of your finished pumpkin will turn out. My book was about 4×7, but you can adjust the picture to fit whatever book size you want–I would be careful not to stretch it too much in either direction, however. This one had good proportions.

Start by removing the cover and backing of the book, then line up the flat side of your stencil with the binding on the book. Trace around it, then using scissors (or an exacto knife, but I found scissors to be easier) to cut 7-8 pages. Then just pull the remainder of the page off towards the binding and it should come right off.

After that set, put the stencil back down and trace the next full page. You can trace the pages you just cut, but I found that then the pumpkin keeps getting bigger as you get further back…so I just kept retracing the stencil, then cutting, etc. This part takes a while…I would recommend watching some TV or something while working.

When you have cut through all of the pages, trim the binding down as well. It will look like this laying flat:

Or like this when you stand it up:

Next, place hot glue down both sides of the binding and curl the binding into a circle. The two sides of the binding should be touching all the way down–hold until dry.

Your pumpkin should now stand on its own! Mine looked like this when done, and I liked  how the spacing looked. You can fluff the pages out if you need to, or even put some glue along the seams of a couple pages that have big gaps between them. Like I said, I only needed the glue along the binding because I liked how it looked afterwards.

I did still think mine still needed some color, so I took it outside and lightly spray painted it orange. I wanted it to be just orange on the outside edges, and it worked out super well.

After you have let the spray paint dry, find something to use for the stem. I hunted around my apartment complex and found a large wood chip that I thought would work well. Put a gob of hot glue on the bottom, then press into place. Hold until dry.

Finally, I just placed a little piece of green ribbon around the stem, which both added a little extra color AND covered up where I glued on the wood chip.

And there you have it! A wonderful and adorable fall craft. I’m already dreaming up book Christmas trees!