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I am super excited to report that Andrew and I just recently purchased our first bed as a couple!

It took a few weeks to arrive, but it is finally here and we finally agreed on some bedding. We ended up finding a Martha Stewart bed-in-a-bag set at Macy’s on clearance: originally $500, ours for just $160! It came with the comforter, sheets, bed skirt, 2 king pillow cases, 2 king shams, 2 Euro shams, 2 decorative pillows, 2 curtains, and 4 valances. We don’t have a curtain rod in this apartment, so the curtains and valances are currently chillin’ in storage until we move into a place with curtain rods or until I come up with something else to do with them.

Anyways, it was quite the deal and made it super easy for us to get our bed all set up. I’m not going to lie though, both of the king shams have 2 regular pillows stuffed in them, and the 2 Euro shams have regular pillows in them and then I just pinned the excess fabric to the back. All shall be replaced in due time.

But the BEST part is that our new bed is KING sized! Until now we had been sharing Andrew’s college double…which was rough. I am a flaily sleeper, and I need room to roam. This morning when Andrew went to work was the first time I experienced the bed on my own…and let me tell you, being able to sleep horizontally in a bed and not hang off the edges is the DEFINITION of sleeping like a King.

Still, I was pretty sure something was missing, other than just a headboard (We are too poor for a real bed frame, but I do have crafty plans for that, we just haven’t gotten there yet…slash we don’t currently have the tools/room to carry them out)…so I added THIS:

I got this AMAZING bear at Costco a couple weeks ago for 30 BUCKS. These huge stuffed animals are usually SUPER expensive, so I was STOKED. I saw it and immediately decided that I NEEDED one for my niece and/or nephew for Christmas. Meanwhile, I have totally fallen in love with him. Andrew won’t let me name him because he thinks I’ll get too attached/that I need to let Matthew and Emma (the aforementioned nephew and niece) flex their creativity and name him themselves, so currently I just call him Mr. Bear. I have also decided he needs a bow tie.

Andrew pretends like he thinks Mr. Bear gets in the way, but I know he (not so) secretly loves him too.

There is also a picture of when I caught Andrew and Mr. Bear hand-in-paw, but Andrew wouldn’t consent to me posting it. Use your imagination.

Giving him away is going to be hard. But I guess that makes it all the better for a Christmas gift.