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We are still trying to beautify our apartment, and since I love seasonal decor, I have been experimenting with some fall projects. I started by adding this super easy leaf garland to our mantel!

As you can see, things were pretty bare when I started:

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Fake leaves (I got mine for a dollar per little bag at Joann’s, and I ended up using 7 bags)
  • Twine
  • Large needle

Thread the twine through the needle, then just thread the leaves onto the twine.

I found that I was squishing mine together, so even after I got all of them on they weren’t taking up as much space as I wanted. It looked like this:

I just went through and separated/spaced out the leaves a little bit, then hung it upon the mantel!

It is super easy, but a little time consuming. It is also pretty mindless, so I just did it while watching TV–it took me about 40 minutes, and then I had this great little garland! The mantel is still pretty bare, so more fall decor is sure to come.

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