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Andrew, my Best Quest co-pilot, and I agonized over where to start our journey to find amazing food in Seattle. After much debate, we decided to start with a classic.

The Challenge: Find the best pizza in the Seattle area

The Criteria (in order of importance):

  1. Crust
  2. Sauce*
  3. Cheese/toppings*
  4. Sides (quality of breadsticks, salads, etc.)
  5. Variety offered
  6. Originality of pizzas
  7. Ambiance/atmosphere

The Venues:

  1. Serious Pie
  2. Tutta Bella
  3. …? What do you think? Where else should we go?

*Andrew and I couldn’t agree on which was more important: toppings or sauce. I argue that a pizza can be great even without sauce if it has good toppings, and that even mediocre sauce can be covered by great toppings. Andrew disagrees, and argues that a bad sauce can really ruin a pizza. What do you think? Should toppings or sauce rate higher in importance in our criteria?

UPDATE: Currently, sauce is winning. Add your vote to agree with me and change the tide in favor of toppings in the comments!