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I feel obligated to confess that I discovered Original Moxie Hair Products when I worked for the amazing CEO Rachel Blistein in Michigan. That being said, this review is completely separate from my employment with Original Moxie; I just really dig the stuff.

Original Moxie products are all natural, cruelty-free, sulfate free, paraben free, have no artificial fragrances or dyes, and totally rock. And their logo is a peacock. So great! These hair products are like nothing else I have ever used. They make shampoo and conditioner, as well as tons of styling products based on a 3D diagnostic of your hair, density, curl, and dryness, so you decide which factor about your hair gives you the most trouble, and find products to solve it. If you want help choosing products for your specific hair type you can use the Ask Moxie feature on their website, and the amazing people there will get back to you incredibly quickly.

While I could go on and on telling you how great the company is, let me move on to telling you about a few of my favorite products. My hair is thick but fine, normal to slightly oily, and has a medium amount of wave. I use the Get Fresh Shampoo, which took some getting used to but which I absolutely love now. Because it is sulfate-free, it doesn’t foam like other shampoos, so I have to use a lot more to get it through my hair. It also doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils, so at first my hair seemed like it wasn’t quite clean…but it just took a couple days for my hair to adjust, after which I actually went from washing my hair every day to only washing it every third day. I also use the Featherweight Conditioner, which I love, and sometimes the Everyday Leave-In Conditioner too. I especially love the leave-in because it smells like pumpkin…and I LOVE all things pumpkin. As far as styling products go, my absolute favorite is the Oasis Moisture Gel, which I use when wearing my hair with natural curls. Oasis is a humectant , which means it locks in moisture, which also locks in my curls, as well as making my hair softer and giving it body without letting it get frizzy. I have never found a better product for my curls. My other favorite product is Straight Up, which I obviously use when straightening my hair. It has a beeswax consistency/texture, and I use it after straightening my hair to keep frizz down, add shine, and add a little moisture to the ends of my hair. It comes in a big jar, and I use less than a pea-sized dollop every time I straighten my hair, so this amazing stuff lasts forever. Other products I use and also love include: Mane TameSweet PoofPiece-Nik, and Rewind.

I’ll be straight with you: this stuff costs more than what you would buy in the usual drugstore, but it’s 100% worth it. It is so good for your hair AND the environment, and the styling products in particular last forever. Look here to find where it is sold near you, or buy it through the Original Moxie website. Either way, be sure to check out the website. It is full of great information about the products, and they make it really easy to figure out which products you need. There are also some really great bundle buys so you can try a bunch of products at once, and you can also buy samples of some of the products so you can test them out before you commit, if you want. But I’m pretty sure you’ll love them.

Oh, and BONUS! Because Rachel is so great, all of my readers can get 10% off their purchase on the Original Moxie website with the coupon code ALYSSA. I love when companies love on my readers!