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My parents introduced me to Market Spice Tea after their first trip to Seattle when I was in…middle school, maybe? MST and I have had a long distance love affair ever since. MST is sold from a quaint little tea store at Pike Place Market called…you guessed it, Market Spice Tea. You can also buy it online, but when it is hard to suck it up and pay for shipping on something as cheap as tea (the shipping is ½ as much as the tea itself, if you’re buying the 50 bag package), so when we got it in Michigan, it was a real special treat. We usually acquired it in one of two ways: someone we knew went to Seattle and we bribed BEGGED them to bring some back, or we blackmailed convinced a bunch of people to go in on a big shipment of tea and split the shipping cost. In summary, I was not able to get MST very often, and being able to get it more frequently was the number one reason high on my list of reasons I found moving to Seattle acceptable (both to me and to my parents…because they now have a regular supplier).

I suppose I should specify, the flavor tea I am talking about is technically called “Cinnamon Orange,” though that is relatively new, and I haven’t accepted that title yet. It is their signature flavor, but apparently they thought they would clear up confusion about its taste by labeling it by flavor…but I’m not sure I agree with their flavor assessment. MST has a very spicy flavor (Andrew compares it to chai), and definitely cinnamony. I guess orange is present, but faint. Really, they should just call it DELICIOUS. (And it is because of brilliant marketing epiphanies like this that someone should hire me now.)

Regardless, MST is by FAR my favorite tea. I don’t dislike tea in general, but I also don’t usually love it. I find most tea to be relatively flavorless, and if I’m going to drink water I don’t want it to be hot and give me dry-mouth. Also, I feel like tea makes me have to pee even more than just water. They say that the caffeine is probably not enough to make it an actual diuretic, but I’m just telling it like it is. So when I drink most tea, I like to add about 10 tablespoons (exaggeration. 9?) of honey first…so I’m drinking watery honey.

But this is NOT the case with MST! It is so full of flavor that I add nothing and love it. In fact, it is SO full of flavor that sometimes, when I was living in Michigan, and tea bags were as valuable as mackerel in the jails (I’m not kidding…it’s in high demand. Check it.), I sometimes squeezed two uses out of one bag.

All of this is to say, get yourself some Cinnamon Orange Market Spice Tea. Honestly, even if you do have to sack up and pay for the shipping, you won’t regret it.