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I was introduced to Google Reader during one of my marketing jobs as a way to stay on top of things going on in the company’s industry…and I fell in love! Maybe I’m super late on this discovery, but if you are like me…you should probably check it out. You basically go in and select a bunch of blogs and websites you want to follow, and then those sites’ new posts appear all together on your Google Reader page. It is like your blog homepage/personal newspaper.

Better yet, it is a great way to discover new blogs! You can search by topic and pick out some individual sites, or you can subscribe to a whole “folder” of pages that someone has put together based on that topic. For example, when I was planning my wedding and wanted to have a constant flow of ideas, I subscribed to the “wedding” folder, which included some 10 sites or so. Currently, I’m subscribed to all sorts of sites on DIY/craft sites, recipes, scrapbooking, health/fitness…basically all my interests. (You can even subscribe to ME there!) It’s my home page, and I love it.