Glitter Sale 2012!


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I am not usually one for anything used, BUT, Goodwill Seattle is having their annual Glitter Sale this Saturday and Sunday (November 10-11) from 9am-6pm! Goodwill saves all of their best and highest quality loot (read: BRAND NAMES like Jimmy Choo, Prada, Coach, Chloe, Diane Von Furstenberg, and more!) for this one day where you can score these pieces for way below their market price–and I’m all about a great deal. This includes clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry, and more!

This was the most “glittery” item I saw on their sneak peek, but I’ll probably have to go check out the options in person…

Glitter Sale by My LIfe as a Trophy Wife

A few tips that I’ve gathered:

  • You will receive a number when you get there so that you aren’t stuck in line the whole time; you may roam freely until your number is called, and you can enter anytime after that…so you can come and go!
  • There are no changing rooms in the sale area (which is weird…), so you may want to wear some kind of slip, leotard, swimsuit, etc. if you’re going to want to try things on

For additional information on logistics and sneak peeks, check out Goodwill’s website and blog. And this, to get you in a thrifty mood.


In Honor of Election Day…



I know I’ve been MIA lately…things have been very busy (but exciting!) on the job front. I don’t want to speak too soon…but I’ll let you know if/when things pan out.

Anyways, with election day upon us, I have been seeing all sorts of cool/funny tributes to presidents online. Here are some of my faves:

I’m loving all of the songs people make Obama/Romney sing. There are a lot of good ones, but my two favorites probably have to be Obama’s “Call Me Maybe” and the mixed “Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up.”

Whenever I think of presidents, I inevitably think of the Animaniacs’ President song, which I memorized back in high school for the A.P. U.S. History exam. Shout out to Katie Yaske for alerting me to its existence and doing countless sing-a-longs with me!

Speaking of APUSH and Katie Yaske, we also loved Dick, the amazing 1999 movie about Richard Nixon. And, the Checkers speech (FF to :45).

This blog is pretty awesome too. It strives to “brand” each of the presidents. They aren’t so much brands as retro-y posters, but they’re still interesting. A few highlights:

Election Day 2012 by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Election Day 2012 by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Election Day 2012 by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Harry Truman, weird little human…(It’s from the song. Watch it, okay?!)

Finally, my favorite president fun fact: President Taft was a BIG guy…and rumor has it he got stuck in the White House bathtub after his inauguration and needed help getting pried out. What we know for sure is that he later had an extra large tub installed 🙂

Happy voting, all!

Pagliacci Pizza-Pizza Challenge Contender 2


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It was Friday night, and Andrew and I had both had horrible days. I was out participating in some much needed retail therapy at the Bellevue Nordstrom, and Andrew came to meet me after work. Though we had originally planned on making steak for dinner, neither of us were up for cooking and we were pretty hungry. We were walking around aimlessly looking for fuel when we stumbled upon Pagliacci Pizza. We had never heard of it, but it smelled good, so we headed in to try it out.

Pagliacci Pizza by My Life as a Trophy Wife

In general, we had determined that we wouldn’t write about chains much on Best Quest, unless they really were superior. Pagliacci doesn’t appear to exist outside of Washington, but there are several locations within. That being said, we thought it was pretty good, and figured we may as well report our findings and add it to our Pizza Challenge.

Crust: The crust was great! It was hand-tossed (as opposed to thin or deep dish), and deliciously fluffy. I really enjoyed it.

Cheese/toppings: We tried two different kinds of pizza–the Pesto Primo (fontina, ricotta, mozzarella, imported peppers and pesto on an olive oil, garlic sauce) without the peppers, and the Spinach and Chicken (chicken, mushrooms and mozzarella on an olive oil base seasoned with garlic and red chili pepper flakes, finished with spinach after bake) without mushrooms or chili pepper flakes. They were both good! Neither of us could pick a favorite. The spinach and chicken was very garlicy, which we loved, but the pesto also had excellent flavor combinations.

Pizza at Pagliacci by My Life as a Trophy Wife

The Spinach and Chicken is in the back, and the Pesto Primo in the front. Our waiter kindly pointed out that it would be cheaper to get one medium pizza half and half than two of the smaller ones.

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Pumpkin (shaped) Rice Krispie Treats


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So I found these adorable little guys on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find any source or how-to…so I thought I would share what I learned!

Pumpkin (shaped) Rice Krispie Treats by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Let me preface the “things you’ll need” section by saying that though I did A LOT of research to find the best Rice Krispie recipe…this didn’t turn out to be this. So I encourage you to keep looking (and I’ll do the same)…and let me know if you find it!

Things You’ll Need:

  • 1 10 oz. bag of mini marshmallows
  • 4 tbs. butter (rumor has it this may have been where I went wrong…)
  • 5½ cups of Rice Krispies cereal (the 9 oz. box was sufficient)
  • Food coloring–yellow, red, and green
  • Mini Twix bars OR Rolos
  • Fondant–buy pre-made at a craft store or purchase:
    • 1½ tablespoons light corn syrup
    • 1½ tablespoons shortening (e.g. Crisco)
    • 1/8 teaspoon salt
    • 1/8 teaspoon vanilla
    • Powdered sugar


Put the butter in a pot large enough to hold the final product. Melt on low heat, being sure not to let it burn.

Melting Butter by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Slowly add marshmallows, on VERY low heat! I can’t stress that enough–you want them to melt, but they burn very easily so it has to be gradual.

Melting Marshmallows by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Once butter and marshmallows are melted and mixed, add food coloring to make the mixture orange.

Orange Melted Marshmallows by My Life as a Trophy Wife

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Three Cheese Dip


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This dip tastes SO MUCH better than it looks. It is modeled after a delicious cheese dip at the fabulous El Azteco in East Lansing. And it’s SUPER easy!

Chip and Three Cheese Dip by My Life as a Trophy Wife

Stuff You’ll Need:
Yield: 7 cups

  • 1 ½ lb. (24 oz.) small curd cottage cheese–let the record show that I HATE cottage cheese (I have to plug my nose as I even dump it in), but I still love this dip!
  • 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened
  • 2 cups shredded or grated mozzarella cheese
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • Onion – to taste
  • 1 tablespoon Emeril’s Southwest seasoning


Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl or in a food processor. I, personally, prefer it in the food processor because it takes away the cottage cheese texture, but I like it either way.

Three Cheese Dip in Food Processor by My Life as a Trophy Wife

The dip is really at least 2 times better the next day. You’ll want to put it all in a tupperware, throw some additional Southwest seasoning on top, and stick it in the fridge at least over night.

Three Cheese Dip by My Life as a Trophy Wife

I know it looks/sounds kinda gross (or at least I think so…), but you have to trust me. It is consistently a crowd-pleaser.